Monday, March 21, 2011

New Op Shop discovery

Recently I heard about a new op shop in Islington. I had a spare morning, so my friend and I went to check it out. It's a more upmarket op shop, but there are lots of things to look at, and loads of room. Pricing varied- it seemed to depend on whether you asked the middle aged lady or the older lady for the price. The older lady gave much cheaper prices.

For those of you in Newcastle, the address is 23 Maitland Road Islington.

I went on a Friday, and they had bags full of bread that you could take for free, if you were in need.

The front room (there were 3 connecting rooms). Some lovely vintage gloves there, too small for my hands!

Cocktail dresses- quite a variety of them, in sizes 8-14.

Some dapper hats in the men's section. Except for the village people hat down the bottom.

A display of accessories at the front counter.

I loved how they used an old tree branch to display their jewelry.

Some pretty crockery and glassware.

The second room. This room has cuddly sizes (yes that's what the sign said), and children's clothes, toys and games. My son and my friend are in the background. The children's clothes are mostly the fancy brands. I looked at some of the cuddly clothes, prices ranged from $6 to $15.

The children's section. Books, games, toys. My son picked a few things to take home.

Love the parasol. :-)

The last room, full of home wares, books, crockery, suitcases.

In the end, I bought just one thing for my mum, who collects bells. Its made out of crystal, and has a lovely tone. It was $6 (bargained down from the middle-aged lady who said $9!).



PinkPatentMaryJanes said...

Oh wow, I've driven by this op shop so many times but thought it looked too small!! Now you've revealed the treasures inside I think a visit's in order. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Ooh, lucky you. I want to come back to live in Newy! I really miss the Op Shops there.

Do you know what became of the Salvation Army Op Shop that used to be in Harrison Street Cardiff? It was such a treasure trove but had gone when I last visited.

SixBalloons said...

What a feast for the eyes! That pink Chanel clutch is a real beauty...

It was great to click on the photos and see the large version - There are lots of trinkets in that shop!

Bek ( said...

PPMJ- Yes looks are deceiving- I was surprised by how big it was once I got inside.

Cherry Ripe- sorry I haven't gone to Cardiff for op shopping- but I've heard that there are still op shops there. :-)

Six balloons- yes there was so much to look at- I didn't even mention the shoe section near the front door. :-)