Monday, April 25, 2011

Holiday Treasures 2

Here's another installment of my op shopping in the holidays.
Did I tell you that I didn't have to pay for any of my op shopping these holidays? My lovely mum offered to pay for my op shopping instead of giving me Easter eggs this year. A pretty good bargain for me!
This week I'm showing you some clothes I picked up for me.

I love this knit- it is so soft and goes with so many of my clothes. The sleeves go down to my elbows, which is great in the in-between weather. I've been experimenting with belts and brooches and they both look great with it. I can't pin down the colour- it's not quite red, it's not quite pink, it's definately a cool shade. $3.

This top wasn't a holiday buy, I bought it a month ago and forgot to show you. I love the polka dots, and the blue. It looks funny on the hanger, but it's very flattering to wear. That wide strip across the middle rouches up when I put it on, skimming over the tummy very nicely.

Another top that looks much better on. It's a light cotton, 3/4 sleeves, and hangs nicely, skimming over tummy instead of clinging on. There are sequins sewn into the coloured pattern, which gives a fun twinkle to it when on.

Love the bright colours of these two tops. I bought them for layering underneath other tops, as they do grab all my lumps and bumps. :-)

A brown elastic belt, $1. Wasn't sure if I'd use a brown belt in my wardrobe, but at $1, and in great condition, I figured it couldn't hurt.

Next week I'll be showing you my book finds. :-)
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Monday, April 18, 2011

Vintage favourite

I'm back from my week long holiday at my parents, and a lot of op shopping was done. I have yet to take photos of the majority of it, so today I'm sharing with you my favourite find of the week- a vintage vanity case.

I found it at a church op shop which is only open in my parent's town on Thursday and Friday mornings. It was tucked away near a bunch of books, I spotted it immediately, and got very excited while my bemused Dad looked on.

It's got a few scuff marks on top, particularly on the top left. I was thinking of sticking something over the top there, perhaps a paper vintage flower? What do you think?

Its in lovely condition inside, and still has all its keys, as well as an extra key and padlock.

I love its blue colour. I'm still thinking about how I'm going to use it in my house, any suggestions? Besides looking at it admiringly?

And the best part of it all- it only cost me $2.

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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Thrifty Finds

All my items were found at the Salvos on Newcastle Rd this week.
I was so excited to find a pussybow blouse, it has pretty little multi-coloured flowers all over it. The material is soft and flowy albeit see-through, but a black cami underneath fixes that issue. I feel very dressed up when I wear it. I noticed that the brand is Woman (a Best and Less plus-size brand) that I seem to do very well with.
The crotcheted coat hanger in the photo is also an op shop buy this week- they hold the shirts on so much better than the plastic ones.

Some new size 1 sandals for my 6 year old. He's showing them off for you in the second photo (yes I know sandals and socks, a great look lol). $3.

I had a rush of nostalgia seeing these dominos- I used to play with these kind when I was a child. Still in their original box with original instructions on how to play. I had fun showing the boys how to set up them and knock them over. And they were only $2!

My 6yo needed a new overnight bag, his old one had worn through on the bottom. This bag seems barely used, it looks new to me.

My mum has a set of these silver looking trivets. This will replace my old cork circle. :-)

I love the retro feel of the blue dangly earrings. I have already worn them with my new red flower print skirt featured on my blog last week, and they look fab. The blue clip ons are an experiment- I have the idea of attaching a necklace chain between them and make a set of sweater clips. Not sure how it will go.

Next week I am heading to the country to stay with my parents for a week (school holidays). We always hit up all the country op shops there, so be prepared for lots of goodies when I get back! My mum has suggested she pay for my op shop purchases instead of giving me an Easter Egg. Haha! I've certainly got the good end of that bargain! :-)

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