Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Beads and Bandanas

This is the second part of my shop last week, and boy did I get some goodies. This bag is a lovely shade of blue (the colour is a little darker that the photo) and which I bought specifically to go with a dress of a similar colour.

 These beads are so pretty! A dark red bracelet, a blue-green set of beads which looks like woven silk, and a set of retro red beads.

I love the cheery robots on the bandana. The long pretty flower scarf is perfect for a headband, or tied 50s style on a ponytail.

 This cardi is perfect for the warmer weather, and such a pretty knit, with its scalloped bottom. I tend to veer away from pastel colours, especially white, but I thought a soft cream might be doable.

May your op shopping adventures be just as fruitful as mine!



Anonymous said...

Great finds! I particularly love the robot bandana.

Brittany said...

What a fabulous cardigan...I think that you'll be able to make it work with just about any outfit you're putting together and it will be absolutely lovely!

Melinda @ Shop Me Chic said...

I absolutely love that bag! What a great find.