Saturday, March 3, 2012

Journeys into the Past

Popped into my local op shop today, and was delighted to find yet another book in the Journeys into the Past series. This is the fourth book I have found in various op shops in this set. You can see my other ones here.

I thought this game would be good for Mr7, but when I popped it into the playstation 2, it didn't work. Oh well, at least I'm only out $2.

A shirt for Mr 7. Not a big fan of the colour, but he needs some size 7 shirts.

A jumper for Mr 4, orange is a good colour on him, and he's a ninja turtles fan after I showed them the 80s cartoon I used to watch as a kid. :-)

I also had some jewelry to show you, but the lady at the shop must have missed seeing it on the counter, and it didn't come home in my bag. I'm going to pop back in on Monday on the small chance it is still there.


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