Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Thrifty Finds

All my items were found at the Salvos on Newcastle Rd this week.
I was so excited to find a pussybow blouse, it has pretty little multi-coloured flowers all over it. The material is soft and flowy albeit see-through, but a black cami underneath fixes that issue. I feel very dressed up when I wear it. I noticed that the brand is Woman (a Best and Less plus-size brand) that I seem to do very well with.
The crotcheted coat hanger in the photo is also an op shop buy this week- they hold the shirts on so much better than the plastic ones.

Some new size 1 sandals for my 6 year old. He's showing them off for you in the second photo (yes I know sandals and socks, a great look lol). $3.

I had a rush of nostalgia seeing these dominos- I used to play with these kind when I was a child. Still in their original box with original instructions on how to play. I had fun showing the boys how to set up them and knock them over. And they were only $2!

My 6yo needed a new overnight bag, his old one had worn through on the bottom. This bag seems barely used, it looks new to me.

My mum has a set of these silver looking trivets. This will replace my old cork circle. :-)

I love the retro feel of the blue dangly earrings. I have already worn them with my new red flower print skirt featured on my blog last week, and they look fab. The blue clip ons are an experiment- I have the idea of attaching a necklace chain between them and make a set of sweater clips. Not sure how it will go.

Next week I am heading to the country to stay with my parents for a week (school holidays). We always hit up all the country op shops there, so be prepared for lots of goodies when I get back! My mum has suggested she pay for my op shop purchases instead of giving me an Easter Egg. Haha! I've certainly got the good end of that bargain! :-)

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Michelle said...

Domino sets are always fun and I really like the silver trivet. Great finds, thanks for sharing.