Sunday, May 22, 2011

Holiday Finds 3- Kids stuff

Finally, the last of the holiday finds. This little baby doll was $4 (I thought it was a bit steep, but they only charged me $2 for the vintage case so I figured it evened out). The baby came with the hand-crotched dress and undies, and her eyes close when you lie her down. She has a soft squashy body which I liked. Now my boys have 4 babies to play with, so I'm hoping there will be less fights. All 4 of the babies were from op shops. :-)

Long sleeve shirts for my 6 year old, he needed some for winter. I averaged around $2 a shirt.

Some long red pants for my 6 year old, for winter. They're cargo pants with adjustable drawstring, $2. I realised later that these were the perfect pants for his winter school sports uniform.
This lovely velvet skirt I spotted and thought of my friend, it fits her beautifully. I love the little frill on the bottom.
This jacket was $2! A lovely fleecy lined jacket with flower embroidery. This is for my friend's daughter, who is my son's best friend.
This jumper is for my friend's son, who is my 3 year old's best friend. I have a bunch of iron-on owl transfers that I picked up from Etsy. I gave one to my friend to put on his jumper, looks fab I think. :-)

And that is the last of my holiday shopping.
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The syders said...

Great bargains! Love the old dolly...cute!

Dhamma said...

i don't think there is anything more satisfying than finding clothes for the kids, cheap. I looooved it when Dylan was young! Now its more of a lesson in futility, teens bah.:)

Sarah said...

I love thrifting so much! Unfortunately I have found that it's much easier to find little childrens clothes. My kids are getting older now and the pickings are slim.

Bek ( said...

Yes it's trickier the older the kids get. I've found the best pickings for older kids sizes are country op shops. There's always a wide range of sizes at op shops in my parents' town.