Monday, May 2, 2011

Books and Bits

My holiday treasures continues this week with a book post. I'm trying to buy less fiction books these days, due to space issues. But I couldn't resist these non-fiction books. 

Another journeys from the past book! This time about Ancient Rome. I love ancient history, and I was so excited to find this book in fantastic condition. $2.

My Ancient Rome book can join its friends, both of which I've found in op shops. I've finally got enough to call them a collection. :-)

These books were with the Ancient Rome book on the shelf- I'm thinking the same person got rid of them all? These are textbooks for high school. I love the middle ages.

I have a collection of Sing books, being a teacher. For those of you not familiar with them, these music books were published by the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) for children, and have a collection of songs inside.

And last of all, a set of scented drawer liners. I've been using brown paper bags in my son's chest of drawers, so it will be great to have some proper liners that don't move around.

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