Monday, October 11, 2010

Holiday Finds 1

Hi everyone!

I had a great time perusing the country op shops during the school holidays. Every school holiday we spend a week with my parents in the country town of Scone. It's a lovely break for me. I enjoy a week of sleeping in (my boys are early risers), and shopping without being distracted. My boys who love their Granny and Grandad enjoy a week being showered with attention. :-)

Scone has two op shops, a Red Cross, and another one in the Baptist church hall. The Red Cross is open most days, the Baptist one is open Thursdays and Fridays from 10am to 2 pm. The Baptist op shop has an old bus permanently parked in the yard that they use for storage. I think it's pretty cool.

20 mins drive away is Muswellbrook, another town, that has 3 op shops, a Lifeline, a Vinnies, and an Anglican one. Lifeline and Vinnies are the main ones I visit there. The Lifeline often has a good variety of children's clothes.

I had a good haul these holidays, here's a few pictures of some of my finds.

Two tops for me! This rarely happens, as the larger sizes aren't always very stylish or interesting to me.
But I scored big in the Red Cross op shop. I'm planning to wear a singlet/cami under the red one, it's a bit see-through. :-)

Clothes for my boys. I could have bought much more, but I didn't need it. I was particularly looking for shirts for R this time. The stripey shirts and shirts are his, the green shirts are for A, who needs less clothes now he wears a school uniform everyday. The items were around $2 each.

A variety of books. I grew up singing songs from the blue songbook on the left there, so I couldn't pass it up. A novel that looks interesting. I've started collecting Charlaine Harris and her Sookie series. Some books with helpful information. I've read the Divorce one, it was pretty good. Not sure of the individual prices, but all up maybe $8?

I was an early childhood teacher, and am always looking to build up my stash. Some craft and game ideas here. Love the drawings on the second book, it was an 80s one I think. Old game and activities are still able to be used in the new school curriculum, they are adaptable, and often cover similar subject matter.

Who can resist a bit of food porn? The Donna Hay mags were $3 each., the others $1. I have the other "Fed Up" book by Sue Dengate, and thought the asthma one would be an interesting read.

That's all for now, I'll have more pics from my holiday shop soon.


The Queen of Fifty Cents said...

Those are some great finds! I always used to assume I'd never find anything in my size when out thrifting, but with persistence I've got a fabbo wardrobe. That silver pin in your last post was quite wonderful too. Thanks for visiting my blog!

Bek ( said...

Thanks! The silver brooch was my fav out of all my holiday finds. :-) I love hearing about all your librarian stuff too- I'm an avid bookworm and my aunty was a librarian who ran the children's reading program- I have a lot of good memories from libraries! :-)

Van said...

Nice finds! Magazines! Om nom nom!