Monday, November 29, 2010

Beautiful bag

Our trip to Salvos on Newcastle Rd was a quick one today as I had Master 3 (R) with me. This time I let him run loose and encouraged him to play in the toy section and choose one to take home. This toy has buttons that when you press them, say the colours in a different language.

That lasted for 10 minutes, then I encouraged him to choose a bag from the bag section. R found a lovely bag that I want, but he's very determined that it is "my bag". :-) He has good taste.

Next I looked through the jewelry stash while R ran laps of the store, chortling every time he passed me "You can't get me mummy!" I found a dragonfly brooch I liked, but the stones set in its eyes were broken and missing. I looked among the jewelry for possible eye stones, and after I told the op shop lady what I was doing she helped me look, and came up with a ring that was perfect. The stones were loosely set and came out with the pressure of a fingernail. So I'll be getting the super glue out later this week.

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Rita E said...

Great finds ... especially R's bag! LOL, too cute! My fave is the dragonfly pin, lucky to find the stones for the eyes. Came by way of Thrift Share Monday ... thanks for sharing!

Laurie said...

R does have great taste in bags! I think my son has great taste in home furnishings and color and texture from so many years of watching DIY shoes on TV with me, LOL! Skills!