Sunday, November 7, 2010

Clothing Bonanza

Today I visited Salvos at Wallsend, with my discount card clutched in my hot little hand, determined to find some clothes. Salvos have regular visit cards, and every time you purchase, they mark off a square. When you have used all the squares on the card, your next visit entitles you to 50% off any clothing purchases (unless it has the coloured price tag that is on sale for the week). Complicated, I know. 

All the clothing has a variety of coloured price tags, the colour corresponding to the week the item came in to the store. Each week, the display in the shop window lets you know which colour price tag is on sale. For example, a display of green clothing means the clothing with green price tags are on sale this week. 

Here is today's loot:
A shirt for me! The ties give it a bit more shape than can be seen on the coat hanger.

A brooch and a pendant which I may be able to make into a brooch.
I think the pendant is begging for some bling. Maybe I can glue some stones in?

The Rugrats Movie for my rugrats, and two sewing books. I have absolutely zero sewing skills, so I thought the books might help with that.

The Simplicity book has a section on the sewing machine, what the bits are called, etc. I have an old sewing machine that I have yet to learn how to use, so it might come in handy.

This is a page from the dressmaking book. It was published in the 80s, and along with scary clothes, there's some unfortunate sizing names in here. We go from baby, toddler, child, girl, then "Chubby". Ouch.

Some shirts for R. He has hand-me-downs from A, but I wanted some in his colours.

A swimming shirt and Diego shirt for R.

A stripey dress shirt for A, it looks nicer than in the photo. A pair of speedos for A to wear under his swimming shorts.

I was pleased with today's haul, which all together came to $15. Not bad at all. :-)

I'm linking this to Thrift Share Mondays, over at Apron Thrift Girl.

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