Monday, November 22, 2010

Tuesday's Treasures

Another good haul at the Mayfield op shops. I hit Salvos and Vinnies. Salvos have a wider range of clothes, but Vinnie's have better prices, and often the ladies there will make a cheap estimate of your stuff rather than sticking to the price tag.

A pair of earrings shaped like leaves. Quirky and cute. :-)

This book was in the 50c trolley, I had no idea what it was when I opened it, and I am so glad I did! It's a history of a children's book museum in Victoria, and in the process of describing it they give details about Australian authors and illustrators, the history of book publishing in Australia and much more. This 50c fella is getting his own post soon.

A stripey shirt for A, he looks good in white and blue.

A plastic serving platter for 20c, and a glass for $1. I have a set of 70s glasses with an assortment of different colours. However they're very delicate and lot have been broken over the years. This glass looks a little like my set, I thought it could keep the unbroken glasses company.

A pretty blue scarf, thinking it will make a nice Christmas gift for a friend.

One great thing about Vinnies, is that they are one of the few op shops that still stock toys (so many op shops these days just have Mcdonalds junk and soft toys, and nothing else). All the little toys get sorted into bags, mostly divided into girls and boys toys. All these toys here were from a bag of girls toys, for only $2. I got it for the wand, A had broken his and wanted a new one. :-)

I saw here some little owl badges made out of ties and buttons. Hence some ties, $1 each from Vinnies. I'm going to give them a go at some point.

A new top for me. Not my most favourite colour, but the style and the sleeves are lovely.

A cardigan for me for $5. 

Some pretty wooden beads for me, from Vinnies, $2.

And lastly, this little cutie. She is a brooch, handmade by somebody. There are little flowers in her plaits. I love her. :-)

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Kits Chow said...

Love the little doll brooch. She has such a sweet expression.